An Inspiration Tale of Courage and Benevolence – ‘Story of My Life’

Author: Kent Ong
Organization: World Vision Malaysia

Each day we all are struggling against time and the entire world perhaps, to achieve a definite set of goals. But we never realize that this each time we fulfill a goal, the immediate next moment we desire for something more. In this race we forget to enjoy those small moments of happiness and satisfaction. In fact we often loose the touch with reality and are mostly unhappy or greedy for more.

This is an inspirational story of a person who showed the world that how a little bit of zeal and desire can help bring smile on millions of people’s face. It is this zeal and desire that gave him something that made him the most happiest and satisfied person. He was surprised to realize that what he could not achieve with money. He got that without spending even a dime.

Chai chin was a person who had started running for the reason that is most common among today’s generation. The simple reason were to loose weight and secondly to change the pattern of his lifestyle. Though initially the task of running even a mile felt as though he was on verge of running a14k marathon, but after a few weeks this became a regular habit. It was at this point he realized how monotonous his life had become. Eating, sleeping and working were the only kind of work he ever did. This short span where he spent solely with himself running, made him think deeper about his life so far and his achievement. He was shocked to realize that other than monetary appraisal, there was not much difference. It was only at this point of time he realized that he had to do something not just for himself but also for the enormous world outside his doorstep. He also understood the fact that instead of trying to work for the larger mass, it would be much better if he tried to contribute in his own way for a smaller group at a time as that would be much more effective.

It was during one of this thinking session, when Chai Chin’s running partner Kent told how running for a cause could be helpful to many. The discussion with his friend made him realize how much privileged he was to be able to at least eat well, sleep comfortably and wear good clothes while there were many who were not even able to enjoy these bare minimal comforts. It was then he decided to run for the benefit of the underprivileged children of PHILLIPHINES who were affected by Typhoon Haiyan. After lots of thought he selected Kuala Lumpur for the Tower ton Challenge 2014 and raise money for these innocent victims. Though Chin chin could not achieve the target of 7000RM, but he at least was able to reach a near point of 6000RM.

Chai Chin later on was heard saying that helping others in need didn’t just need money or influence. Everybody has enough talent in themselves to try and utilize it in such a way that it can render help in some way or the other for the poor and underprivileged.

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