9 Years Old Child Fight the Silent Predators

Author: Kent Ong
Organization: World Vision Malaysia

Child abuse is prevalent not only in my own country but all over the world. The victims often keep the crime to themselves and the perpetrator, oftentimes, a close family member remains a silent predator ready to strike again and again. This is an issue that is oftentimes ignored as "taboo", a fact that World Vision Malaysia is very much aware of hence it is working closely with communities particularly in Tulid, Sabah to raise awareness on child abuse and protection.

Martha is a single mother in her forties living in Tulid, Sabah. As a child, she was a victim of mental, physical and sexual abuse though nobody ever noticed it until she was married. She never thought that her harrowing experience would be repeated but this time she was not the victim. Her husband raped one of their young daughters, Jenny. This time however, the crime did not remain unnoticed. Jenny's schoolteacher, noticing the unusual change in her immediately reported the incident to the village head who in turn reported the matter to the police. Now Martha's husband is in prison for the crime committed. She is living alone and her other children are living with relatives or in homes. Jenny, on the other hand is in Kota Kinabalu where she works in a supermarket.

Surprisingly, Duncan Chen, a nine-year old boy who has learned about the issue reacted in a rather encouraging way for a child his age. He immediately ran to his mommy and shouted "Mommy! I want to help them! I want to run to them and help them!" Imagine if all the other nine-year old boys out there will have this eagerness to help and protect our mothers and daughters from being abused in whatever possible way. Surely this world will be a better place to live in.

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