Regular Friday Nights

Author: Ammar Haziq
Organization: PERTIWI Soup Kitchen

When I was seventeen, my mom had invited me to volunteer for an NGO called PERTIWI. I asked what\\\'s PERTIWI and what were we going to do, she said it\\\'s an organization for Muslim Women in Malaysia and we were going to help feed the homeless, I was weirded out by both of her answers. First, I was a teenage boy, how could I have possibly join a female organization and second, there are no homeless in Malaysia. My mom smiled and insisted that I just give it a shot and I did.

Three years later I still look back on that day and tell myself that it was the best decision I have made in my life. I am turning 21 now and most of my Friday nights are spent with the great people of PERTIWI Soup Kitchen, when I don\\\'t volunteer, I teach at tuition centres. I was young and naïve. I didn\\\'t know the truth about my city or the meaning of the word “volunteer\\\". Volunteering isn\\\'t just about giving, it\\\'s about looking life in a different angle. I have grown so much since then and are more grateful to the life I have now for I see more people than are broken and beaten down, starve and unhealthy, lost and hopeless and I have sworn that as long as I am still alive and well, I will continue to serve and help the ones in need.

PERTIWI Soup Kitchen isn\\\'t just about feeding the homeless, it\\\'s a platform to raise awareness about the crucial issues that most people don\\\'t see or realize and to encourage people to volunteer and do good. That\\\'s what I have concluded in my three years of service with them and my conclusion will change from time to time as the world will.

This is just a brief story of an average guy who aspire to be more, do more and go beyond his mediocrity. You can check them out at: Facebook: PERTIWI Soup Kitchen Flickr: pertiwi_malaysia